Life & Legacy

Life & Legacy: It’s your life and your legacy.

But it’s Temple Israel’s Legacy Society through which your life can be remembered by future generations at our synagogue.

And it costs you nothing today to join.

Life & Legacy is about planning ahead for the future via after-lifetime giving.  It’s about making a commitment – a future payment either from your estate, life insurance or retirement plan – to ensure the perpetuation of Temple Israel and our Jewish community even after your passing.  Carry your memory into the future of our synagogue.

By enrolling and participating in our Life & Legacy program, your endowment will earn Temple Israel additional funds from the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

Join the Temple Israel Legacy Society today and become one of our Shomrim (guardians).

To learn more about how your legacy gift can make a considerable difference, contact the Temple Israel Office at (561) 833-8421 or